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Hiat Labib - Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blove. It's a word.. kind of.  

As our beautiful little blog continues to grow and it's roots dig down and the branches stretch up we have to give credit to the bloggers who gave us the seed of inspiration.

Picking out a blog is just as personal as picking out a magazine, this I know for sure, but if by chance you seem to enjoy this blog and want the ultra luxe edition I strongly suggest checking out the following.

The Rockstar Diaries is not what you may expect when you hear the name. Coming in as my number one all time favorite blog, The Rockstar Diaries captures daily life in the most simplistic and captivating way. Naomi and her husband Josh invite us to get to know their family and take us on some pretty serious adventures. Click HERE to catch up on their most recent trip to Italy. 

Next up is THE HONEYBEE If you want a nice balance of fashion and family this one is for you. Miss. Andee Layne (yes, that's her real name) is a new Momma who refuses to give up any of the pre-Momma luxuries and amazingly enough she is achieving her goal. Oh, I can't forget to mention that her beautiful blog comes straight out of Laguna beach, California. 

The last blog I'll mention is one you'll have to discover yourself. Stephanie Nielson is somewhat of a blogging celebrity and has touched the lives of many..mine included. As the survivor of a plane cash that left Stephanie disfigured, she managed to rise above, rearrange and be resilient with the support of an adoring husband and 5 children. She asked the question, 'Was it worth it to live if I knew I wasn't going to be beautiful again." To find out her answer, click HERE.

I'm madly in blove with all of these wonderful bloggers and would love to know your feedback... even better, what blogs do you blove too? 

                             Josh, Elanor & Samon of The Rockstar Diaries - Kindergarten Oakville

Josh, Elanor & Samon of The Rockstar Diaries 


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