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Circle Time & The Rules.

Hiat Labib - Thursday, March 21, 2013

Circle Time - Childcare Center Oakville

In a program that encourages exploration and free choice one can assume the times that are spent in a cohesive circle must be filled with some pretty important conversation. 

Forest Grove Preschool utilizes that time of togetherness to find a common interest, spark curiosity and ignite the passion of learning. Circle time isn't just a few bells and 'the wheels on the bus'. Time, like all time at Forest Grove, is invested wisely... trust us, we believe in time well spent.

Circle time does carry some expectations and by now (almost 7 months into the 10 month school year) the students are well aware of what they are. For the parents that don't know here are the main components necessary to having a successful circle time:

PUNCTUALITY - Without it, not only does the child who is late miss important information, but the other students all suffer greatly by an interruption that often removes their teacher from the opportunity of...well...teaching! 

HAVING AN OPEN HEART - Discussions bring about opinions, opinions are welcomed. Criticism, on the other hand, can turn a circle time into a long, drawn out conflict resolution circle which is never fun, especially for the innocent bystanders. 

FEELING SAFE - Not all students are created equally. Some students need to feel the calm nurture of a circle to be able to share their thoughts and opinions on a subject. The safety of this space is only guaranteed when both punctuality and having an open heart are present. 

Life can get in the way with rules and some are even made for breaking. However, unlike climbing a fence after the amusement park is shut, there is no prize on the other side, no perk to coming in late and disturbing someones 'moment'. 

So after all of my sharing and insight I want to make clear that the goal is not to make others feel guilty for being late, having an outspoken child or pointing fingers. My goal is to share what we do around hear that makes us kinda special and how you can help us stay just the way we are. 


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