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Dear Parents

Hiat Labib - Thursday, October 18, 2012

         Oakville Kindergarten

Teacher parent interviews are just starting to wind down and the student goals have been set.

Although this time of year is filled with transition and adaptation, it’s a joy to be able to connect with the families of Forest Grove.

Our 15 minute interview times may not fee like a lot but it’s just enough time to squeeze out some details and set a goal that we, the teachers, can put into action.

After many years of interviews we've also come to realize that there is an unintentional connection that happens.  As we sit across from each other chatting away we realize that all of the magic that our students possess comes from you.

Dear Parents, it's obvious that the manners, sense of humor, wittiness and charisma are not a coincidence, it’s intentional and you’re doing one heck of a job raising these little people!

But don’t worry; we know what you’re thinking, when that metal Tonka truck gets thrown across the room and hits little Suzy on the head… that one we'll blame on television.


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