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Hiat Labib - Thursday, February 21, 2013

I believe - Kindergarten Oakville

Since religion is a bit of an interesting topic when posting on a forum as public as this blog I would like to start this entry by saying, my purpose is to share the sermon/topic/speech (whatever you feel comfortable calling it) I listened to - not promote the source in which I found it, although I will reference it in case others may want to give it a peak.

Now that we have that out of the way... 

I was recently listening to a sermon from Pastor Joel Osteen called, Do you know what you will be? and I was really inspired to bring his sermon into the classroom.  Basically, Pastor Joel talked about the impact of instilling belief and the faith of success into others. 

By making a conscience decision to share words of love we begin to start to map out the life of those around us. Therefore, when talking to a child our words of encouragement and future predictions actually impact their chances of success for the very topic we're discussing with them. 

Naturally negative words and beliefs will draw out negative outcomes... this is something I have witnessed first hand.

During the sermon the Pastor discussed a school experiment in which a school board selected the top 3 teachers and the top 90 students to begin learning at an accelerated pace because they were told that they were superior. By the end of the year the classes completed an additional 30% of the following years curriculum and broke record scores. Later on both the teachers and students were informed that they were chosen at random and that neither parties had been ranked on top of any standings. But how could this have been possible? Simple. Because they were told that they were the best, the most superior, the most outstanding and these words were absorbed and most importantly they were believed. 

I loved every bit of the 30 min sermon and if you're interested you can find it on YouTube by searching the Pastor and sermon name. As the final few moments wrapped up I realized the power we, as educators, have when we spend so much time with such young influential minds. 

The following morning when Christina came into the classroom I told her something I had been thinking for a long time, I said,"Christina you are such a vibrant young girl, I can promise you that whoever you will become in your lifetime will be a very powerful and strong person, you just have success all around you" Since Christina is 11 going on 20 she understood immediately. Watching those words jump right into her heart and  head made my day..maybe even my week. 

Try it, you wont be disappointed. 


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