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It's all starting to happen.

Hiat Labib - Thursday, November 29, 2012

Is there anything quite as satisfying as seeing the 'after photos' of a big project? As the rooms and studios of Forest Grove come together in a celebration of all things 'holiday' I can't help but squeal with excitement. 

Between the dusting of light snow, carols on the radio and a full room of preschoolers dancing to Jingle Bell Rock I can't help but feel like I'm 3 years old all over again. 

Take some time to check out to see our full before and after album of some of our most beautiful projects. This is just the beginning so be prepared to check back often. 

Jingle Bell Rock - Preschool Oakville

If Facebook just isn't your cup of tea come in and take a gander. 

Squeal with us - we'll be 3 years old together.


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