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Octopus Garden Science

Hiat Labib - Monday, October 01, 2012

Octopus' Garden

It started when the JK/SKs made salt dough. By adding blue sand, rocks, shells and some homemade green playdough, we created an ocean floor. We decided to join our individual sculptures together to make a shared work of art: our very own octopus garden.

 Octopus Garden Science - Childcare Center Oakville

Louis: Coral reef with seaweed around a rock and it's connected to little sea creatures. This is a baby sea coral.

Lily: Mine is close to his. There are rocks and one little person is in here. He lives in a cave but I don't know where he is. Oh, I found him!

Octopus Garden Science 2 - Childcare Center Oakville

Olivia: The waves are going really fast. The fish are running away. There is a storm. 

Sofi: Mine is an animal living on a rock. He can eat seaweed. 

Mahsaib: This is a snake.

Tanya: The shells are going down in the water. The seaweed is going up. An octopus could live here.



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