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So They Say.

Hiat Labib - Friday, February 08, 2013

So 'They' are saying that this is going to be the biggest snow storm we've had in 5 years..hmm.. since I don't know who 'They' are and the fact that 'They" usually get it wrong I'm going to just go with it and be surprised with whatever I see when I look out my window tomorrow morning. 

Snow days can be an ongoing frustration for some families when child care is sparse and timing is limited however, we need to remember that this is, and always will be, about safety. In a best case scenario  it would be lovely to think that all of our kiddos and their families could cuddle up and drink something warm on  these snow-stopping days and if by chance you are one of the lucky ones here are some kid friendly activities that you can both enjoy. 

1. Turn down the thermostat 5 degrees, crowd onto the couch under some blankets, and watch a family movie together. Snuggle time!

2. Break out an old board game. Candyland or Chutes and Ladders can even be fun for teens when you play it as a timed race.

3. Get out an old photo album and share stories of people and places from when you were your child's age.

4. Go online and make a family account at Ancestry, and begin researching your family tree together. How far back can you get?

5. Particulary dreary outside? Close the drapes and turn out the lights, and light candles. Tell ghost stories, or pick a book and read it aloud to your kids.

6. Start a scrapbook! There is probably a stack of photos sitting around from a recent family vacation or summer getaway. Put the photos in order and write little notes to go with them.

7. Mostly girls? Pretend it is a day at the spa! Give each other facials, massages, makeovers or just paint your nails together.

8. Mostly boys? Try to take an interest in a video game, trading card game, or other favorite pastime of your little man/men, and see if you can compete.

9. Got cleaning to do? Talk about which clothes and toys are outgrown and can be donated to a thrift store or nearby shelter.

10. Don't forget pets! There is probably a cage that needs cleaning, a pet that can learn a trick for a special treat, or just time to cuddle when you'd normally be away from home.

Snow Day - Preschool Oakville


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