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Why Me?

Hiat Labib - Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Why me - Forest Grove Preschool Oakville

April is World Autism Awareness Month and in keeping with this months commitment to shed a light on A.S.D Forest Grove will dedicate all of Aprils blog posts to informative and reflective posts on Autism.   

I remember stumbling upon a blog a few months ago that had a video linked to it's page. In the video the author of the blog described pivotal moments in her journey as a mother and more specifically the mother of a child who had autism. 

Two moments stood out to me most during the brief but powerful video and both moments were defined by a state of mind. Twice that mother had fallen to her knees and spoken to her God and twice she had uttered the same words however, the first time she spoke to God was at the beginning of her journey the second time she spoke to God she was comfortable on her path, accepting of the journey and moving forward. 

The two words that she spoke were, "Why me?"

This mother said the first time she had spoken to God she asked this question with a great amount of rage and anger. Emphasis was put on the fact that she had been victimized by nothing but a set of corrupt genes that were beyond her control. There she sat, angry at God with a child that she deemed defected.

I could picture her marinating in that moment,  in that diagnosis, in that specific point on the spectrum. 

Days, months and even years passed, as they always do, and a metamorphosis began to occur. Through a support system of love and the knowledge of professionals the mother began to feel an internal shit. It wasn't until recently that she was brought to her knees again.

The two words she spoke were, "Why me?"

This time she asked God why she had been fortunate enough to be the chosen one, why she had been so lucky to be given a child that redefined every idea she had ever had about love, communication and trust. She looked up to God in thanks for being chosen.

Today she blogs about the ups and downs of raising children and trying juggle all the things that moms usually do. Her state of mind is so beautifully illustrated throughout her personal writing space. Below are some of my favorite blogs that deal with mommy-hood, doing it all and Austism. 

Cheers & Happy reading


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