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Hiat Labib - Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dear Families and Friends, 

On Tuesday December 11th 2012 we submitted our completed donation to the Peel Children's Aid Holiday Wishes program. 

With the support of your most charitable donations and great staff efforts we managed to match every child's wish and raised over $430.00 in gift cards. 

Being a true believer in good energy I can't help but imagine the warmth that these donations hold and how it feels to know that a community recognizes those who tend to feel undeserving. 

Together we have given a Christmas meal, presents under a tree, a means to connect and play as a family and most importantly we have said, I see you, I hear you, you matter. 

Thank-you for opening your hearts and being such a superb mentor for your children who have witnessed your giving first hand. 

Merry Christmas.

Lots of love, 

Forest Grove Preschool  

Peel Children's Aid Holiday Wishes program Donations - Preschool Oakville

We did it.


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