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A Long Goodbye

Hiat Labib - Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Dearest Alicja,

As summer has come to an end, I cannot help but become distanced in thought, imagining the goings-on at the wonderful Forest Grove. I picture you welcoming returning students, and opening your arms to fortunate new ones. I can also picture all the magnificent teachers, as they have their studios ready, anticipating the magic that will occur again this year as they teach and lead students down their paths.

In reflection of your Graduates Taylor, now in Grade 3, and Katherine, in Grade 1 (!!), I must also comment what this Fall means in lieu of Forest Grove. This Fall, I truly miss getting the children ready for their year at Forest Grove. Our family has been with you for five years, and saying “Goodbye” is not easy to do. Thus, I look at this letter rather as an opportunity to boast how proud I am of your school, and to definitely say I would recommend your school to any parent who wants the best of the best starts for their children, as they begin their educational journey.

With great thanks and acknowledgement to Forest Grove, each of my children has such a strong foundation built on excelled teaching, inspired curiosity about the world around them, and molded strong self-perception and esteem. Both Taylor and Kate have had the fortune of a perfect first impression about school which will carry them throughout their scholastic, professional and personal lives.

What makes Forest Grove unique and sought after is the beautiful blending of teaching excellence and administrative professionalism and compassion. Your teachers teach with expertise, but they excite and invite their students to learn, at such a precious time in their lives.

We will never forget Forest Grove. We wish your school continued happiness and success always. We will Miss you very much.

Fondly with love,

Juliana, Taylor and Kate.



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