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Hiat Labib - Thursday, July 04, 2013

Teachers are lucky people, besides having one of the most rewarding and satisfying jobs on the planet we also relish in the recognition that we get from students and families alike. If there was ever a time that positive reinforcement worked wonders this would be it. 

During the last week of school we are given some of the most beautiful words of encouragement; some jotted down on a homemade card, others told to us as we say our final good-byes however each one is different and cherished in a way of their own. 

On the very last day of school Ms. Alicja received the angel below along with the poem written especially for her...

 ( be warned, a tissue may be necessary if you dare read the beautiful poem and accompanying letter)


The Little Stone Angel
Many years ago while out for a walk, I saw something laying in the garden in front of  a coffee shop.
As I picked it up and shook the dirt off,
I realized, that it was a little stone angel with dirt in it's eyes.
His wing was broken off and he was left there forgotten and alone.
So I picked him up gently and took him home.
As I cleaned off all the dirt and glued on his wing, I looked into his face, what a beautiful little thing.
He has hung on my wall for many years, and has always been a comfort any time there were tears.
He is there to remind us that no matter what happens ,if we have been tossed aside ,forgotten or damaged,
That sometimes you are lucky to meet people in your life that will listen ,understand and somehow you have managed,
To stretch your mended wings ,
fly again and again and do many more happier things.
Our children are sometimes like broken little angels. Things aren't always perfect. Some come from broken homes, have broken hearts or broken minds. They need us to pick them up ,dust them off and occasionally glue their wings back on so they can keep on flying.
Thank you for all you do for us and all the families that have had the opportunity to have you assist us in raising our children to be creative and compassionate individuals.
I am forever grateful to you Miss Alicja and your wonderful staff at Forest Grove. Have a wonderful summer and we will see you in September.


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