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Change is hard.

Hiat Labib - Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Change is hard

Matias, a senior kindergarten student, sat with Miss. Katie and poured his heart out and confessed that he didn't want to go to grade one, get bigger or stay at his public school because he knew that these changes meant that his time at Forest Grove was limited and to make matters worse he wouldn't be returning in the fall.

Miss. Katie, being the pro that she is, talked him through the breakdown calmly and managed to sooth his nerves and fears. She focused on his excitement for grade TWO and pointed out that grade one is a stepping stone to get to where he wants to go.

The moral of the story: Change is hard for all of us... and saying good-bye just flat out stinks, especially when you love something all the way to the moon and back.


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