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Dear Sandy Hook,

Hiat Labib - Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I'm not sure what the opposite of writers block is but I've been having that problem lately. The issue with this is that I'm stuck on wanting to write about the current state of affairs after Fridays tragedy. I have a bittersweet love affair with CNN that seems to honor the victims and highlight the monster that caused such horrendous pain. 

I want to write and write and write... I want to write about the moment I figured out, the winded feeling I got and the tears that followed, the plan I immediately penned if a disaster ever came to our school - to MY classroom but mostly I wanted to write about how deeply I hurt, selfishly hoping that it would help it go away. 

As of today some victims have been laid to rest and the shift from the incident itself to gun control, finger pointing and placing blame has started. Blame is a game that nobody can win and I can't help but ask, Too soon? I think so. 

I'm not sure a silver lining can be of equal value in such instances but I couldn't help but feel moved by the individuals that managed to offer their skills, time and Christmas trees to commemorate the lives lost. It was Sunday afternoon that humanity started popping up in the darkest of places with a flicker of light and a sparkle of hope. It was a relief to be reminded that yes, people truly are wonderful. 

So I want to end off this blog post, one I wish I didn't ever have to write, with images of hope just in case you too need some reminding. And remember, there is no footprint too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world. 


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