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Hiat Labib - Monday, April 14, 2014

After hearing all about his best friends trip to Turks and Caicos Finn (age 4) asked, "So what did all those turks and cakers look like anyway?"

As Miss. Sabrina took a new parent on a tour of Forest Grove Finn stopped them and said, "Hey, I know you're a mom because of those lines on your face.... but don't worry it's not like a granny"

Finn gave his big sister a hug good-bye and as soon as the door  closed he looked at the teacher and said, "She's gone, now you can like me the best - not her, just me!"

Finn: "Do you love me Miss. Sue... because if you tell me you love me I'm going to let you open my snack for me"

"One day when I'm a big big boy I'm gonna get a big dog, some money and girl that's just like my mommmy"


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