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Hiat Labib - Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Forest Grove has some pretty fantastic programs which (luckily enough) get some pretty wonderful reviews from our community, families and most importantly the kids. However, every now and then we have a program or studio that slips under the radar. 

So lets talk, After School Program for a second. 

Kids are pretty resilient creatures they bounce back from the most horrific knee scrapes in mere moments, forget about a broken toy in record time and manage to forget about 'serious talks' in milliseconds. Yet, these wildly wonderful creatures also get tired... way tired... very tired... fall-asleep-while-talking-tired. On top of being tired add in some September jitters, new peers and a bunch of new teachers that expect their names to get memorized asap and you've created a whole lotta things going on in one little tiny body. 

Forest Groves approach to our after school program is to acknowledge that all of these factors play a role in how we cater to 'our' kids and how to give them a program based on the freedom to choose. 

From our homework section to wood working table, children are given a plethora of choices with as much or as little assistance they need from their after school teachers. The objective is to create a space that is inticing enough to spark curiosity after a long day yet relaxing enough to allow our students to feel like Forest Grove is their home away from home. 

For more information on our after school program please look under our Programs tab and learn more about what makes Forest Grove such an outstanding option in childcare. 


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