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We Couldn't Agree More

Hiat Labib - Thursday, October 23, 2014

Not long ago I decided that I wanted to create a set of lesson plans that focused on compassion in the classroom.  What I was looking for was simple; an age appropriate manual that taught the students how and what to feel… and if that wasn’t enough I would gauge how successful it was based on their desire to help a cause of their choice.

It took exactly 20 minutes, reading a passage from the Dali Lama and looking at a few questionable lesson plans that I realized what I envisioned was far from realistic and pushed me even further from my goal.

So I got talking to one of the most compassionate people I know... you all know her as Miss. Hilary but we know her as Hilly. Hilly is our chief compassionate officer, advocate for the forgotten and peace enforcer… some of us even refer to her as our in-house hippy.

I should probably break here and take a moment to say that although Miss. Hilary is a vegan her experiences with the sanctuary were not vegan based, anti-meat, or intimidating. My intention is not to come between you and your steak dinner but rather to introduce a experience that may inspire some thoughts or even better -- a discussion! 

Miss. Hilary said the experience itself, without lectures or facts, was as compassionate as can be and that the basic message that we ALL need to live a happy healthy life,would be a beautiful introduction to a fairly complex topic.

… and we couldn't agree more.

If any of you are interested in visiting a safe sanctuary here are a few suggestions -- Miss. Hilary managed to snap the selfie above at Cedar Row!



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