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Hiat Labib - Saturday, November 10, 2012

As the holidays continue to sneak up on us, one sale at a time, I thought it would be appropriate to share a little love list of the products that we've come to know and adore at Forest Grove. All but a few of these products have been introduced to us by families and students and they've passed the DROP, STOMP and SMUSH test!


Autoseal Kids Trekker Cups - Kindergarten Oakville  bento box style lunch containers - Preschool Oakville Mabels-Labels - Childcare Center Oakville Preschool Oakville Kindergarten Oakville


1.) Autoseal Kids Trekker Cups. Cool cups for kids who have outgrown sippy cups but haven't outgrown spilling! The 100% leak proof promise makes these sleek drinking cups a hit for backpack storage and kids on the go. 

2.) These bento box style lunch containers are fantastic for giving kids options during lunch time, while eliminating the need to carry 5 different containers at once. The other great thing about this particular style of bento box is that the food is not separated by trays that stack on top of one another which seriously cuts down on messes.        

 3.) Oh, Mabels-Labels it is so obvious why you're award winning! These dishwasher and microwave safe labels are any schools best friend. Forest Grove can't begin to extend enough thanks to the parents that so diligently label their children's belongings. 

   4.) This Melissa and Doug abacus can be found almost anywhere, our classrooms included.  Whether it be colors or counting this is a great tool for an introduction to many academic subjects. We can't forget to send Melissa and Doug a little extra love for remaining non-toxic and true to the highest standards of quality.

 5.) Chapped lips? No problem! This 100% organic and all natural Eos lip balm isn't medicated but still manages to give kids that extra bit of moisture needed in colder weather. The interesting shape and solid formula makes applying the balm fun and functional.


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