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Just One of Those Days - Part Deux

Hiat Labib - Friday, May 31, 2013

Today was just one of those days - the wonderful kind that is! 

After a very long and passionate interest in firefighters they finally arrived at Forest Grove. It was genuine 'awesome at first sight' from the initial sound of the siren to the multiple honks of the horn.

By no means was this Disney Land or even a stop at Toys R' Us but we still had the opportunity to watch a little tiny wish come true.

There is no denying that the 4 very large and very outgoing men that came out of the (also) very large truck was enough to make some of the students a little unsure but all it took was a few jokes and Ms. Melody willing to put on the 'fire gear' (lets give her a round of applause - she put that suit on in 30 degree weather!!) to realize that these were some good guys.

The students had the chance to try on the boots, take a walk around the truck and sit in the firefighters seats... it was perfect!

A special thanks goes out the P 261 Oakville firefighters for being such incredible and enthusiastic temp teachers for the morning... in our students minds you guys are true rockstars! 

Firefighter kid - Preschool Oakville

Firefighter - Preschool Oakville

Firefighter - Preschool Oakville

Firefighter - Preschool Oakville

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By Alicja Podgorska


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