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Kids say the Darndest Things...

Hiat Labib - Wednesday, October 21, 2015

When Ms. Sabrina walked through the classroom during the lunch program,  five year old Jocelyn said, “Well you look like you’re having a great time walking where ever you want to”.

Miss. Sabrina pointed out that it looked like Jocelyn was having a great time as well and then with the most serious of faces Jocelyn exclaimed, ‘I AM having a great time  but not as good as you, you ADULT!’

When three year old Lucas was asked if he wanted another brother or sister he said, ‘Only if they don’t have to be a baby first. My brother is a baby and he just cries and poops and does nothing else’.

When Piper asked to hear Old McDonald for the fifth time the teacher said, ‘Wow you must really love Old McDonald’ Piper looked at the teacher, growled and said, ‘Don’t say that! I only love my Dad!’

The big kids of after school never hesitate to tell us exactly how they feel. When asked about the Toronto Blue Jays one of the oldest boys in the program said, “I like them when they’re winning but not when they’re losing… that’s why I don’t like the Leafs.”



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