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Hiat Labib - Friday, December 18, 2015

…and just like that we say good-bye to our students for another year.

It’s hard not to become nostalgic about the moments of laughter and learning that made up 2015.

Highlights included a summer camp that introduced us to some wild creatures, a fundraiser for a past student that warmed our hearts, a Starbucks themed haunted house, having our first trip to the movie theater and, just yesterday, filling our school with the families that make Forest Grove the incredible place it is.

I know that it’s normal to wish for better, more, greater experiences but the thing is, if 2016 is as wonderful as 2015 what more could we ask for? It’s important to know a blessing when you see one!

So here is to another year as jam-packed with greatness as 2015… and… if it happens to hold a few more surprises we’re game for that too!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Cheers to 2016 from all of the staff at Forest Grove.



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