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Hiat Labib - Wednesday, May 01, 2013


The weather is starting to take a turn for the better, buds are starting to burst and the students are starting to walk in with rosy cheeks and little beads of sweat on their heads.

These are the seasonal signs that remind us that 'Mom Worshiping Day' is right around the corner. I know it might sound a little extreme but if Justin Bieber and Niki Minaj are adored by strangers than moms, the ladies that raised us to be all that we are...and are not, deserve some over the top love going on. 

Having the opportunity  to hear students profess the love they have for their moms is quite a beautiful thing. We discuss the difference between a mother and a mom, the difference between someone who gave us life and someone who lights up our lives. Families come in all different shapes and sizes and every now and again a mom and a mother remain two different things in the lives of a child. 

What we all do agree on is that moms are amazing. Nanny-moms, grandma-moms, adopted-moms they all rock our worlds and it's their caring nature and endless giving that qualifies them for the title. Moms give you the 25th hour in a 24 hours day and somehow manage to do it while keeping, what seems like, an entire universe in order. We don't ask how they do it, we hardly ever thank them but yet we know. 

In short: Moms you're beautiful, miraculous creatures... even a Daddy's girl like me knows that.


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