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Hiat Labib - Friday, June 27, 2014

Well... we did it. We did what we thought would be impossible when it was -35 outside in the middle of February, or when the air conditioner broke on the first hot day of the year or when half of the staff and more than half of the students were battling stomach-flu-zilla; we made it through another school year.

During the last week of August the teachers meet for an orientation week and it’s then that we see their names: our students… their families. During that week we refer to them by their last names, we know the oldest, the youngest and the ones that need epi-pens. As the weeks go by we realize all that we knew was nothing in comparison to what we didn’t know.

By October we know their favourite toys, about their siblings and their wonderful mamas, poppas and nannies. Sometime in December we’re working hard on goals and learning.  A short month later you’ll hear us use the phrase “our kids” because they are no longer our class, they’re more than that. Weeks and months pass by and suddenly we’re crammed in a doorway at the end of June saying good-bye to the families, familiarity, routines and “our kids”.

If you’ve ever doubted that overwhelming happiness and gut-wrenching sorrow can coexist, I as a teacher, can assure you it can - in perfect balance.

You can ask any of the staff at Forest Grove what the best part of the year was and their answers will vary from parties, fundraisers to a standout interest-based-project; but what they really mean is that the best part of Forest Grove was the moments spent with your children because without them all of those things would be a big pile of plans, ideas and aspirations.

So, to the familiar names we’ll see on our attendances during the last week of August-- we can’t wait to get you back! And to the mystery names we’ll meet in a couple months -- we’re waiting for you… and we can’t wait for you to be “our kids” too.

Lots of Love,

Forest Grove


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