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Happy Friday

Hiat Labib - Saturday, February 23, 2013

If it's true that great minds think alike then Ms. Melody and Mr. James are the undisputed king and queen of GREAT. 

Ms. Melody and Mr. James - Kindergarten Oakville


Hiat Labib - Thursday, February 21, 2013

I believe - Kindergarten Oakville

Since religion is a bit of an interesting topic when posting on a forum as public as this blog I would like to start this entry by saying, my purpose is to share the sermon/topic/speech (whatever you feel comfortable calling it) I listened to - not promote the source in which I found it, although I will reference it in case others may want to give it a peak.

Now that we have that out of the way... 

I was recently listening to a sermon from Pastor Joel Osteen called, Do you know what you will be? and I was really inspired to bring his sermon into the classroom.  Basically, Pastor Joel talked about the impact of instilling belief and the faith of success into others. 

By making a conscience decision to share words of love we begin to start to map out the life of those around us. Therefore, when talking to a child our words of encouragement and future predictions actually impact their chances of success for the very topic we're discussing with them. 

Naturally negative words and beliefs will draw out negative outcomes... this is something I have witnessed first hand.

During the sermon the Pastor discussed a school experiment in which a school board selected the top 3 teachers and the top 90 students to begin learning at an accelerated pace because they were told that they were superior. By the end of the year the classes completed an additional 30% of the following years curriculum and broke record scores. Later on both the teachers and students were informed that they were chosen at random and that neither parties had been ranked on top of any standings. But how could this have been possible? Simple. Because they were told that they were the best, the most superior, the most outstanding and these words were absorbed and most importantly they were believed. 

I loved every bit of the 30 min sermon and if you're interested you can find it on YouTube by searching the Pastor and sermon name. As the final few moments wrapped up I realized the power we, as educators, have when we spend so much time with such young influential minds. 

The following morning when Christina came into the classroom I told her something I had been thinking for a long time, I said,"Christina you are such a vibrant young girl, I can promise you that whoever you will become in your lifetime will be a very powerful and strong person, you just have success all around you" Since Christina is 11 going on 20 she understood immediately. Watching those words jump right into her heart and  head made my day..maybe even my week. 

Try it, you wont be disappointed. 

Severe weather closure

Hiat Labib - Friday, February 08, 2013
Forest Grove will remain closed due to severe weather and unsafe driving conditions. This is a courtesy for all staff, families and students whose safety remains our priority. Thank you.

So They Say.

Hiat Labib - Friday, February 08, 2013

So 'They' are saying that this is going to be the biggest snow storm we've had in 5 years..hmm.. since I don't know who 'They' are and the fact that 'They" usually get it wrong I'm going to just go with it and be surprised with whatever I see when I look out my window tomorrow morning. 

Snow days can be an ongoing frustration for some families when child care is sparse and timing is limited however, we need to remember that this is, and always will be, about safety. In a best case scenario  it would be lovely to think that all of our kiddos and their families could cuddle up and drink something warm on  these snow-stopping days and if by chance you are one of the lucky ones here are some kid friendly activities that you can both enjoy. 

1. Turn down the thermostat 5 degrees, crowd onto the couch under some blankets, and watch a family movie together. Snuggle time!

2. Break out an old board game. Candyland or Chutes and Ladders can even be fun for teens when you play it as a timed race.

3. Get out an old photo album and share stories of people and places from when you were your child's age.

4. Go online and make a family account at Ancestry, and begin researching your family tree together. How far back can you get?

5. Particulary dreary outside? Close the drapes and turn out the lights, and light candles. Tell ghost stories, or pick a book and read it aloud to your kids.

6. Start a scrapbook! There is probably a stack of photos sitting around from a recent family vacation or summer getaway. Put the photos in order and write little notes to go with them.

7. Mostly girls? Pretend it is a day at the spa! Give each other facials, massages, makeovers or just paint your nails together.

8. Mostly boys? Try to take an interest in a video game, trading card game, or other favorite pastime of your little man/men, and see if you can compete.

9. Got cleaning to do? Talk about which clothes and toys are outgrown and can be donated to a thrift store or nearby shelter.

10. Don't forget pets! There is probably a cage that needs cleaning, a pet that can learn a trick for a special treat, or just time to cuddle when you'd normally be away from home.

Snow Day - Preschool Oakville


Hiat Labib - Friday, February 01, 2013
CHILL OUT - Kindergarten Oakville
Photograph by Alicja Podgorska

Most people equate happiness with a sultry Caribbean beach, but a snowy mountain in Colorado may be more accurate. 
It turns out that cold temperatures can improve your mood ( Good news at this time of the year). Researches at University of Michigan discovered that blowing cold air up  participants' noses put them in better frame of mind than did blasts of hot air. So, if you need a boost, dial down the thermostat.

One mans garbage...

Hiat Labib - Friday, February 01, 2013

A little bit of donations goes a long way.. here is a small selection of the creations that your generosity helped us produce. 

A little bit of donations goes a long way - Preschool Oakville

A little bit of donations goes a long way - Kindergarten Oakville

A little bit of donations goes a long way - Child Care Center Oakville

Emma past my window.

Hiat Labib - Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Emma walks past my window, all decked out in her high school uniform.

I've become so used to seeing her that I've come to expect it, maybe even grown to miss it when she’s skipping a class or two.

Six years ago Emma was a Forest Grove student in my after school program.

From the very first day I introduced myself to Emma she despised me. You may think I’m being dramatic but she looked me in the eye and said, “I don’t like you, get away from me.”

I was intrigued. There’s just something about that brand of character that I seem to ‘get’.  I also believe that a student deserves some recognition for mustering up the audacity to look a teacher in the eye and make a statement that bold!

For the two years that followed my first introduction to Emma I gained her trust, helped her with some pretty serious conflict resolution and built a relationship based on respect.  It wasn't easy and I won’t for a second pretend that it doesn't feel like more work to build a relationship with a person (child or adult) who has no interest.

Now I see Emma all grown, looking like a beautiful little lady and I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the lessons she taught me and the challenge she gave me.  I think of her as my initiation into this wonderful school… she left me all roughed up and on a mission.  For anyone that doesn't know, a teacher on a mission is a pretty intense force to be reckoned with.  

My goal was never to make Emma like me and had she never stopped disliking me I would have been fine.

My goal was to like Emma. 

I found every likable thing there was to find and I simply let her know that I recognized them. It didn't take long for Emma to start to feel the shift. 

The point of this story isn't to talk about how I won someone over but rather how managing to find a tiny bit of light they won me over. 

Dr. Anthony P Witham said, "Children spell love.. T-I-M-E." I couldn't agree more however, Emma taught me that there are two ways to spell it... the other way was T-R-U-S-T.


Severe Weather Alert.

Hiat Labib - Monday, January 28, 2013
Forest Grove will remain closed on Monday, January 28th due to severe weather conditions. Please be advised that this is to ensure the safety of our staff, students and families.

Forest Grove will reopen Tuesday January 29th.

Thank you for your understanding,

Forest Grove Prescool.

Gentle Reminder.

Hiat Labib - Monday, January 21, 2013

Cold Weather Policy

Halton Region Health Department issues EXTREME COLD WEATHER ALERTS when conditions are:

• -15 degrees Celsius (without the wind chill). 
• Wind chill reaching the level at which Environment Canada issues a warning for outdoor activity (-35 degrees Celsius with wind chill)
• Extreme weather conditions, such a blizzard or ice storm

Only in the above cases, children have an “Inclement Weather” gross motor indoor program instead of their regular outdoor time, after lunch.

This Happened.

Hiat Labib - Friday, January 18, 2013

And just when we thought the bugs may be too frightening, too gross, too...much. 

This happened. 

Beautiful bugs - Preschool Oakville

Thank goodness for small hands and beautiful bugs

that always seem to find their way to one another. 


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