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Keeping Calm...

Hiat Labib - Saturday, May 18, 2013
Keeping Calm

It wont be long now...

Hiat Labib - Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Clouds by Zach Sobiech

Like the rest of the world, Forest Grove has been touched by the story of 17 year old Zach Sobiech and his song, Clouds. 

Only given a year to live after being diagnosed with osteosarcoma - a rare form of bone cancer that is particularly aggressive and deadly, Zach made the decision that he had a lot of work to do before it was his time to go. Not long after the diagnosis Zach asked himself, "How do I say good-bye?" and it was with that question that the song, Clouds came to be. 

Now that there are only months left in Zachs year long battle, Clouds has begun to circulate among young Hollywood (who made a tribute video set to the song), local radio stations and too many covers/tributes to count. To be absolutely moved by the bravery and beauty of this song I suggest taking a listen to the PS22 Chorus rendition - which you can find HERE


Well I fell down, down, down
Into this dark and lonely hole
There was no one there to care about me anymore
And I needed a way to climb and grab a hold of the edge
You were sitting there holding a rope

And we’ll go up, up, up
But I’ll fly a little higher
We’ll go up in the clouds because the view is a little nicer
Up here my dear
It won’t be long now, it won’t be long now

When I get back on land
Well I’ll never get my chance
Be ready to live and it’ll be ripped right out of my hands
Maybe someday we’ll take a little ride
We’ll go up, up, up and everything will be just fine

And we’ll go up, up, up
But I’ll fly a little higher
We’ll go up in the clouds because the view is a little nicer
Up here my dear

It won’t be long now, it won’t be long now
If only I had a little bit more time
If only I had a little bit more time with you

We could go up, up, up
And take that little ride
And sit there holding hands
And everything would be just right
And maybe someday I’ll see you again
We’ll float up in the clouds and we’ll never see the end

And we’ll go up, up, up
But I’ll fly a little higher
We’ll go up in the clouds because the view is a little nicer
Up here my dear
It won’t be long now, it won’t be long now

To support Zach please visit:

What Friendship Looks Like:

Hiat Labib - Thursday, May 09, 2013
What Friendship Looks Like - Preschool Oakville


Hiat Labib - Wednesday, May 01, 2013


The weather is starting to take a turn for the better, buds are starting to burst and the students are starting to walk in with rosy cheeks and little beads of sweat on their heads.

These are the seasonal signs that remind us that 'Mom Worshiping Day' is right around the corner. I know it might sound a little extreme but if Justin Bieber and Niki Minaj are adored by strangers than moms, the ladies that raised us to be all that we are...and are not, deserve some over the top love going on. 

Having the opportunity  to hear students profess the love they have for their moms is quite a beautiful thing. We discuss the difference between a mother and a mom, the difference between someone who gave us life and someone who lights up our lives. Families come in all different shapes and sizes and every now and again a mom and a mother remain two different things in the lives of a child. 

What we all do agree on is that moms are amazing. Nanny-moms, grandma-moms, adopted-moms they all rock our worlds and it's their caring nature and endless giving that qualifies them for the title. Moms give you the 25th hour in a 24 hours day and somehow manage to do it while keeping, what seems like, an entire universe in order. We don't ask how they do it, we hardly ever thank them but yet we know. 

In short: Moms you're beautiful, miraculous creatures... even a Daddy's girl like me knows that.


Friday May 10th 2013

10:00am - 11:00am  & 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Please sign up for an hour of 


Sign up forms can be found at your child's door.

Dear Jack

Hiat Labib - Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jack born Feb 6, 2006

Dear Jack,

I’m writing this letter in faith that one day you will be able to read it, understand it, and forgive us for the mistakes we are making with you.

Tomorrow is your birthday. Seven years ago, I was watching the first quarter of the Super Bowl and your mom’s water broke. I joked that it meant something. That you wanted to come out and watch the Steelers beat the Seahawks. I took it for granted that we would someday watch football games together and practice fade routs in the back yard.

Of course, that didn't happen. You were diagnosed at three, and at the time, you didn't want to be with us at all. We got lots of help form those sweet ladies in Eugene. You remember driving into that special school for those two years? Those were rough days for all of us. You would scream when I dropped you off, and I would bolt off to the van before your teachers could see that I was swallowing back tears. And then, as soon as I could compose myself, I would go sit down at Starbucks and fold myself into my laptop. For three hours, I would work and work and forget that my dear boy was lost inside himself. And the work would go on when we got home.

Forgive me, son, but I didn’t want to leave that Forgetting Place.

For more than two years, I lived there. I was a coward behind that screen, and I know you could feel it.

Over time, thanks mostly to your relentless mother and to those sweet teachers I mentioned, you started to see us again. You d didn't say much (you still don’t), but you could at least see us. And you decided you loved us. I could tell from the way you ran to our bedroom when you got scared at 2 am. Night was always pitch dark in that house, but you ran full speed.

I think that is when I started to wake up, too.

We play together every day now. You yell out our names (we waited a long time to hear you say “mommy” and “daddy!”), then turn and sprint away while we run after you with tickles in hand. The game would never end if you had your way, because you love repetition. You eat the same snacks, watch the same movies, wear the same clothes, and you never get tired of any of it. No, you find glory in the mundane.

You are full of more delight than any person I've ever known.

And while we love that about you, we are perplexed by it, too. Sometimes, your attachments are so surprising and so strong that we feel we must curb them for your own good. Like this weekend with the can of Bush Beans. You didn't want to eat them, you wanted to carry the can to bed with you like a teddy bear. Your mom and I, we let you do it the first night, but then we said no and you got really upset. Maybe we were wrong. But like your mom said, “beans are for eating.”

We want you to be gloriously happy, but as your parents, part of our job is to teach you how to relate to the world that spins around you. We want you to learn to speak and listen; to read and write; to love God and love yourself; to make friends and discover passions. We were created for this: to know one another.

Jack, can I tell you something ugly?

I don’t want you to turn seven yet. Because the older you get the more ground I feel like we are losing. We cannot teach you fast enough or well enough. People in the checkout aisle try to talk to you now, and I usually jump in to explain your condition so they understand that you aren't ignoring them. I want them to know you’re a good boy. It’s not your fault. If anyone is falling short, it isn't you.

My dear boy, I want you to have a future in this world, and even though right now I admit the future scares me, we won’t give up. I may feel like going back to that Forgetting Place sometimes, but I won’t live there ever again. Your mother and I, your big sisters and even your little brothers, we will keep after you: talking and praying and getting advice and praying some more. And I trust that by the time you read this, you will understand that whether we succeeded or failed as parents, we at least ran after you when you called.

Happy Monday

Hiat Labib - Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy Monday - Kindergarten Oakville

During the lunch program the children were sharing the names of their parents 

when it was Patrick's time to share he said, "My mom is Lisa and my Dad is Babe"

I immediately knew what he meant but I proceeded to ask, "Isn't your dads name Fernando?"

He was SO confident when he responded, "NO!! Mommy even knows his name is Babe, she says it all the time"

Ways to help us understand.

Hiat Labib - Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Autism characteristics - Childcare Center Oakville

Severe Weather Policy

Hiat Labib - Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dear Family and Friends of Forest Grove;

Recent speculation about the purpose of our Severe Weather Policy has been brought to our attention. All policies and procedures can be found in the Forest Grove Parent Handbook which was distributed to each family upon enrollment.

As in all situations at Forest Grove, safety remains our number one priority, not only the safety of our students but also their families and our staff. Our staff and customers wellbeing will not be waivered as we acknowledge that many of our Forest Grove family members have varying travel times that can be particularly dangerous during severe weather.  Additionally, we recognize the staff members that rely on public transit and whom simply do not have any alternative methods of transportation. In turn, we believe that if the Halton District School Board has deemed it too unsafe for their transit system to operate, Forest Grove is not willing to jeopardize the lives of our staff during those conditions.

Private childcare institutions such as Forest Grove follow strict guidelines that are outlined by the Days Nursery Act of Ontario (DNA) which bind us to the Ministry of Educations expectations. These guidelines regulate student teacher ratios, program structures and our compliance with a consistent Health and Safety Policy. It is these compliances that do not grant us the option of keeping Forest Grove open and running during imminent weather. Unlike the public school system, we are unable to receive any students without the correct ratios, specific number of qualified teachers and nor do we expect supply staff to endanger themselves during these situations. Furthermore, we cannot overthrow public transit cancellations based on our own opinions or schedules.

Forest Grove is sure to use our social media to warn parents of a possible closure ahead of time to avoid early morning confusion. Should you want to access the Halton Region bus cancellation website please visit, to receive up-to-the-minute changes.

We would also like to thank you for your understanding and continuing to value the safety of those who care for children and have become a part of your daily lives. It can be frustrating for all those involved yet we will remain committed to our policy as it will remain unchanged for the safety and security of all of those involved.

Thank you in advance.

Forest Grove Preschool Academy of Arts & Technology


Severe Weather Closure

Hiat Labib - Thursday, April 11, 2013
Forest Grove will remain closed due to severe weather and unsafe driving conditions. This is a courtesy for all staff, families and students whose safety remains our priority. Thank you.

I am Ethan.

Hiat Labib - Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Forest Grove Preschool Oakville

My little boy, this love of mine,
Does not know how to say;
Please give me room for every time,
His words get in the way.

You would not know by passing by,
The struggles everyday:
But try to look him in the eye,
You'll see it in his face.

You may not understand how hard,
Small tasks in life can be;
How difficult to speak aloud,
Or learn your ABC's.

And just because he doesn't hug you,
Or kiss you hi and bye;
Doesn't mean he doesn't love you,
Please just give him time!

Through all the tantrums, fights and tears,
I look at him and see;
A little boy with tons of fears,
Who strives for normalcy.

Of course he sees he's different,
But he just can't see why;
Everybody's time is spent,
Trying to make him 'right'.

Open up your heart and mind,
And just watch quietly;
You'll see a boy who's really trying,
Just wants to be happy.

He's just a scared little boy,
With every sight and sound;
I know he plays with just one toy,
And spins around and round.

I know sometimes he'll yell and scream,
He simply cannot say;
He is not trying to be mean,
Things have to be his way.

All he can say is 'It's not right',
Sometimes it seems unreal;
He can't express though try he might,
To tell you how he feels.

I know that he repeats himself,
And sometimes others too;
Believe me that does really help,
Anxiety to be removed.

So please be patient and be kind,
Love him everyday;
I know in your heart you will find,
A place for him always.

He is my special, beautiful boy,
Whom I love endlessly;
He is my gift, my love, and my joy
He's everything to me


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