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Severe Weather Policy

Hiat Labib - Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dear Family and Friends of Forest Grove;

Recent speculation about the purpose of our Severe Weather Policy has been brought to our attention. All policies and procedures can be found in the Forest Grove Parent Handbook which was distributed to each family upon enrollment.

As in all situations at Forest Grove, safety remains our number one priority, not only the safety of our students but also their families and our staff. Our staff and customers wellbeing will not be waivered as we acknowledge that many of our Forest Grove family members have varying travel times that can be particularly dangerous during severe weather.  Additionally, we recognize the staff members that rely on public transit and whom simply do not have any alternative methods of transportation. In turn, we believe that if the Halton District School Board has deemed it too unsafe for their transit system to operate, Forest Grove is not willing to jeopardize the lives of our staff during those conditions.

Private childcare institutions such as Forest Grove follow strict guidelines that are outlined by the Days Nursery Act of Ontario (DNA) which bind us to the Ministry of Educations expectations. These guidelines regulate student teacher ratios, program structures and our compliance with a consistent Health and Safety Policy. It is these compliances that do not grant us the option of keeping Forest Grove open and running during imminent weather. Unlike the public school system, we are unable to receive any students without the correct ratios, specific number of qualified teachers and nor do we expect supply staff to endanger themselves during these situations. Furthermore, we cannot overthrow public transit cancellations based on our own opinions or schedules.

Forest Grove is sure to use our social media to warn parents of a possible closure ahead of time to avoid early morning confusion. Should you want to access the Halton Region bus cancellation website please visit, to receive up-to-the-minute changes.

We would also like to thank you for your understanding and continuing to value the safety of those who care for children and have become a part of your daily lives. It can be frustrating for all those involved yet we will remain committed to our policy as it will remain unchanged for the safety and security of all of those involved.

Thank you in advance.

Forest Grove Preschool Academy of Arts & Technology



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