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Hiat Labib - Friday, February 07, 2014

We're thinking it's time to pluralize the word season in 'cold and flu season' because these days the students are all into sharing when it comes to their germs. 

A few weeks ago the JK/SK class practiced a classic experiment where they used a visual representation to show how tricky it can be to remove the germs from our hands. In this particular case we used glitter (not the best choice for little girls who took a liking to being to sparkly) and asked the kids to try to wash the glitter...err germs... off while washing their hands the same way they normally would. To their surprise the germs didn't want to budge until their hands were covered in a seriously soapy lather. 

As soon as the students understood the visual concept they were excited and challenged by the idea. Needless to say we've had an excited group of hand washers ever since that day. 


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