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They vs. Us

Hiat Labib - Friday, October 04, 2013

As I sat with a group of pre-teen girls in the Studio 7 After School Program chatting about everything from Miley to smoking it was clear these lovely ladies were at the beginning stages of determining what is and isn't appropriate. A combination of family influence, moral compass and faith were obvious influences yet, it was all their own. 

I was all game in mediating this conversation until I heard, "Ew they're so weird".  Now, I'm not even sure if the topic is necessary to discuss however, there was officially a 'They' and 'They' were unlike 'Them'. 

I swiftly pressed pause on the conversation and shared a piece of advice for all of the 'Others' they fail to understand; Rather than be afraid of what you don't understand find out what makes you the same.  

These girls weren't pleased with my advice, like... at all. One of the more inquisitive ones said, "so your telling me (fill in the blank with whatever type of person you'd like) isn't WEIRD?" I wanted to shout out "NO, THEY'RE HUMAN BEINGS" but that would have defeated the purpose so I stated the obvious; maybe they ARE weird but what I know isn't weird is that a mom and a dad brought them into this world, they don't like to hurt or be alone, they eat, drink, sleep and laugh just like us and those things are definitely not weird."

Victory!!! I watched the light bulb go off and I had an ultimate 'teacher moment'.  Seconds later one of the girls responded "Ya.. like actually, it's not really weird. Like, I'm cool with it.... but you know what IS WEIRD - TWERKING!!!"  

Touche my friend... touche.


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