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To Dad with Love.

Hiat Labib - Wednesday, June 12, 2013
To Dad with Love

Dear Dads (especially mine),

I think it’s about time that you receive the attention you so dearly deserve. Your counterparts, Moms, are brilliant creatures but so often overshadow the quiet and unstated miracles you work.

First and foremost, I write this from experience as I’ve been blessed with a father that makes me feel as though his love can cure everything from a broken nail to a broken heart – he is my world, he is my dad.

So, as it goes, I don’t know a lot but I do know a phenomenal dad when I see one so allow me to begin.

Fathers have an undeniable power even the timid or soft spoken ones – listen, it’s a ‘man thing’ and I’m not going to debate it. The proper use of their power, as well as the harnessing of it, is an interesting thing to observe as a child. At times my mother would call for my father to open a jar or help her lift something heavy and it was in his actions that lay  so many messages; I am strong, I care for my family, I am here to help… the list goes on. You can imagine the message I received when he would say, “Just leave it hun, let me do it.”

There is no denying that fathers are frequently busy, strapped for time and can be overwhelmed by the daily stresses that dads often deal with, yet you can’t appreciate the sunny days without the stormy ones… do you see what I’m getting at here? Life is unavoidable, it happens, but it was there on that baseball field when we would throw the ball around or in the empty school parking lot when he first took my training wheels off that time stood still.  I knew that his busy schedule gave me the bike I was riding and the baseball uniform I was wearing and all the moments that followed were the quintessential icing on my Easy Bake Oven cake.

As I grew and got older my dad taught me to toughen up and prepared me for the ‘get over it’ stage in my life (although now I find myself returning the favor and dispensing the advice back to him. It’s funny how that works actually, all those recycled lessons making us experts in our own rights). He taught me that siblings fight, sometimes poorly, but that a family sticks together and if someone wants ‘out’ let them go but it’s our dying responsibility to let them back in when they are ready.

I see now that what I’ve written is a letter to my dad but I can’t help it because I am almost positive that if the world was filled with carbon copies of my dad we would have mastered the world peace 'thing' decades ago. Mostly what I see in this letter is that when a dad pours his heart and soul into his daughter she won’t be able to restrain from shouting his greatness from a mountain top…or even… a preschool blog.

I love you dad, Happy Fathers Day.


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