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Hiat Labib - Tuesday, May 06, 2014

I don’t know if it’s possible for traditional to go out of style since it’s… tradition, but there is something to say about scaling back, sticking to the basics and recognizing the beauty in doing things like they've been done before. Not all wheels need to be reinvented.

Most of the staff at Forest Grove have been at this job a while and we’ve been privy to witnessing the trends of school years past; Rainbow loom anyone?

This brings me to THE ANIMAL BASKET; the perfect wicker basket that sits on the shelf, labeled and filling to the brim with zebras, lions and bears.

Every time I see a child grab for that basket and dive into an imaginary world of jungles and safaris I appreciate the tradition and simplicity of their play. I love hearing them roar or call a horse a neigh-neigh… I love it all.

Maybe it’s the familiarity and comfort of knowing that 20 years from now when children plug into their academics and ‘go digital’ that the animal basket stands a chance at survival – it’s like routing for the underdog... pun (most definitely) intended. 


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