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Hiat Labib - Monday, September 28, 2015

If you’ve ever considered bringing your child to Forest Grove chances are you’ve joined us for a tour first.

During a tour we  try to explain what sets us apart; the low ratios, the high success rates, hands on learning and a foundation of collaboration but what we spend the most time discussing is the way children learn both organically and authentically while at our school.

After all these years and all these tours you’d be surprised how tricky it is to explain how our students’ inquisitiveness, interests and excitement create the very curriculum they are taught.

Most times I wish I had an album to illustrate the stages of visible learning and it just so happens that today I do...

During a collaboration with our students the teacher notices that the class is both interested and 

engaged most when discussing buildings and architecture. 

The teacher asks the children to create a plan on how to explore this topic and to include some of their questions. 

After analyzing the plans the teacher realizes that all of the students want to create their own abstract structure.

The teacher then supplies the students with all of the necessary building materials as well as books and references to support their interest. 

While referencing the shape, dimension and size of their original plans the children begin to create their buildings.

Some students make changes to their plans in order to get their project and plans to be more cohesive.

The finished product is then displayed in the classroom. 

When children view their completed work it should tell a story of the skills, knowledge and experiences they gained while  learning about their interest...

and maybe even stir up some excitement that they get to do it all over again!

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