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Hiat Labib - Saturday, March 23, 2013

Forest Grove Kindergarten Kid Oakville

Yesterday I received an email from one of my all time favorite parents filling me in on a conversation between her and her son during bedtime. Read below to have a good Friday giggle;

So last night I had parent-teacher interviews and here were Justin’s thoughts on it...

Justin:                   "Mommy why do you have to go to school at night?"

Mom:                    "I have to meet with the kid's mommy's and daddy's"

Justin:                   "Why... were they bad?"

Mom:                    "No, the Mommy's and Daddy's come to see me so I can tell        them about their kids"

Justin:                   "Oh...?”

Mom:                    "Remember how mommy went to see Ms. Sabrina to see how you       were doing in school ... it is the same thing?"

Justin:                    "Okay ... Mommy, are you coming home to sleep?"

Mom:                     "Of course ... " *At this point I could really see the wheels turning in his little head so I asked the following;

Mom:                     "Justin, what do Ms. Sabrina and Ms. Melody do after school?"

Justin:                    "They go home in Ms. Sabrina's green truck and sleep at Ms.       Sabrina's house!!"

At this point he looked at me, as if to say... what else would they do? It was too funny, I asked how he knew you had a green truck, he replied... because I do!?!


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