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Can you believe that there are only 3 short months of school left? We can't seem to wrap our brains about the fact that we're in the final stages of this incredible journey. Before you know it our school attire will consist of nothing more than shorts and backpacks.

As the warm months crawl back around please be sure to change your children's spare clothing to more weather appropriate options as well as providing additional beverages and sun protection.

Cheers to the return of Mr. Golden Sun (who, by the way, can make his appearance anytime now…)

Forest Grove


The Preschool class has been interested in both spring changes and that little bunny that lays eggs! Spring discussions and observations couldn't compete with the excitement surrounding all things Easter related. Naturally, Ms. Melody and Ms. Sabrina combined both interests to make learning as fun as possible. In art we decorated student sized Easter eggs with spring flowers and soft pastel colours later on throughout the month we sketched plants, weaved Easter place mats and made our own bunny masks. In science we learned how plants reproduce and how roots and seeds are the first stages of growth. In drama we went on MANY egg hunts, learned the story of Easter and got to wear animal costumes.

For the month of April the JK class will be exploring the world of sight by talking about glasses, eye colour, and how we see things. The children have shown a growing interest in glasses and what they are used for. We will be focusing our attention on eye colour to promote an awareness of the world around us by recognising others. The children have also been interested in springtime so we will incorporate the talk of eye colour and sight into the sights and sounds of spring and what exciting things can happen. The science room will explode with colour by using our light table and coloured flashlights to see how light reflexes and spreads and this will allow us to identify eye colours. We will also be making an eye collage and a painting of an eye in the art room. The drama room will become a world of expression by using mirrors to show the children what different expressions our eyes can make when we feel different emotions. There will also be a variety of activities to focus the children's interest and attention on textures and matching. I will be setting up eye matching and we will be feeling the textures of spring. I look forward to exploring the world of spring with your children and opening up our "eyes" to the many wonders of sight.


During the last month, the SK class has been digging into our study of rocks. With experiments about volcanoes (igneous rock), layers of coloured sand (sedimentary rock), and baking our own rocks in the oven (metamorphic rock), we are becoming experts in the field. We even created and recorded an educational video series. In art, we're continuing to explore painting- especially with tempera paint. Our most recent creations include portraits of a ladybug and a Monarch caterpillar. We continue to read and write and are particularly fond of making our own books and also sharing Elephant and Piggie books during circle. In the fine motor department, beading and necklaces are a current favourite, while dancing and recording music videos dominate our gross motor activities. Look for us soon on the Forest Grove Facebook page.

JK/SK Afternoon Program:
March was predator month! Studio five fell in love with our resident King Cobra model and their interest expanded to include a variety of snakes as well as reptiles and other predators.

At the science table, we learned about the different kinds of snakes, and how they hunt and defend themselves. We learned where they live, and what they need to survive. We learned that some snakes lay eggs, while others have live ones, just like sharks!

At the Art table we drew snakes, modeled them out of clay, cut spirals, and created a collaborative collage Cobra to put on display, using found objects and recycled projects.

In the cozy corner we read books about snakes and other predators. We sounded out the word "Snake" and practiced the letter "S," an especially 'snakey' letter. On our Carpet we kept a special basket full of snakes and other reptiles, and we spent hours building homes for them, and creating elaborate nature dramas in which several of the unfortunate furry animals in our regular toy rotation were consumed.

We needed to work on our math skills in order to divide up the snakes between students, and we used our timer to make sure everyone got a turn with their favourites. We also worked on estimating, and higher and lower numbers. We're hoping to learn more about animals in April, but right now we're focusing on one particular furry, fellow with long ears, a fluffy tail, and a fondness for coloured eggs.

Policy of the Month:


Circle time does carry some expectations and by now (almost 7 months into the 10 month school year) the students are well aware of what they are. For the parents that don't know here are the main components necessary to having a successful circle time:

PUNCTUALITY - Without it, not only does the child who is late miss important information, but the other students all suffer greatly by an interruption that often removes their teacher from the opportunity of...well...teaching!

HAVING AN OPEN HEART - Discussions bring about opinions, opinions are welcomed. Criticism, on the other hand, can turn a circle time into a long, drawn out conflict resolution circle which is never fun, especially for the innocent bystanders.

FEELING SAFE - Not all students are created equally. Some students need to feel the calm nurture of a circle to be able to share their thoughts and opinions on a subject. The safety of this space is only guaranteed when both punctuality and having an open heart are present. Life can get in the way with rules and some are even made for breaking. However, unlike climbing a fence after the amusement park is shut, there is no prize on the other side, no perk to coming in late and disturbing someone's 'moment'.

So after all of my sharing and insight I want to make clear that the goal is not to make others feel guilty for being late, having an outspoken child or pointing fingers. My goal is to share what we do around hear that makes us kinda special and how you can help us stay just the way we are.

Donations & thank yous:

Donations are always welcomed at Forest Grove!
Some items that are currently on our wish list include:
Board Games (Heavily used games are appreciated as long as they aren't missing pieces)
Art Supplies
Old Clothing (especially socks and underwear)

Dates to Remember

April 1st – Easter Monday CLOSED
April 2nd – Passover Ends
April 22nd – Earth Day
April 26th – P.A Day