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For our December newsletter I'd like to make this intro as short and sweet as possible and focus on two very important things;

First is our Holiday Open house taking place on Friday December 13th 2013, for more specifications on the who, what, where and when of the event please visit our blog to see the official invite.

Secondly, please, please, please join Forest Grove in making this Holiday season particularly special by adopting families in need and making their holiday wishes come true. If you have been to Forest Grove lately I'm sure you have seen the colourful posters plastered across our doors and windows, use that information as well as the information on our blog and Facebook page to stay updated on our progress and needs.


"When Santa got stuck in the chimney…" If you've heard those words at home then you may know what the interest in the preschool room is! We have been singing, tasting, talking and dancing our way into this holiday season. Focusing on an all-natural approach to our Christmas decoration we've spent a considerable amount of time finding ways to create with objects found in nature. While spending time in the science room we have mixed up almost every possible dough concoction there is, so far we have created clay, salt dough, cornstarch snow, goop and paste. In Drama we have contributed to Santa's Workshop by wrapping presents and using tinsel to create an icy ambience. The preschool class took a break from The Letter of The Week program to focus on emotions and feelings which always helps with discussions and problem solving.

Another month has flown by and the JK/SK class have been involved in many different projects and activities. Our main interests this month have been hibernation and animals. In the science room we created our own bear cave and made the bears out of plasticine. We also made a chart showing which animals hibernate and which does not. In Art studio we used watercolour paints to make animal pictures and created our own animal play in the cozy corner with puppets. In Drama we created animal masks and costumes and acted out different animals and animal sounds. For literacy we wrote animal names and made a chart stating what different animals eat. Fine motor activities included tracing animals and connecting the dots to make words. We are looking forward to creating many beautiful winter projects for the upcoming winter months!

JK/SK Afternoon Program:
For the month of November the Jk/sk's have focused on the upcoming holiday season and introducing a variety of new mediums into our art area. The children have had the chance to deplore painting with different brushes to create new effects for our individual and class projects. To start our discussion of holidays we introduced Hanukah and talked about the different symbols and what they represent. Literacy in our class has incorporated holiday and winter words to encourage collaborative literacy and discussions about current events. The Jk/SK class have also started writing letters and putting them in envelopes to add to our post office in our drama area. Science has been all about getting messy and exploring different textures and seeing what we could make with the substances. We have also started counting with different holiday objects to promote continued exploration of numbers. There has been a variety of group activities happening including singing new songs and leaning new holiday finger plays. The class has been busy making our own decorations to make our winter wonderland come alive for the upcoming season

Policy of the Month: Parking Lot Safety

Although this is not a formal policy we would like to take a brief moment to discuss parking lot safety as it has been brought to our attention that some less-than-safe activity have occurred during the past few weeks.

We ask all parents and guardians who enter the Forest Grove parking lot to be very aware of the Forest Grove vans that we use to transport our students to and from local schools. Our drivers have the upmost caution and care for their jobs and work effortlessly to ensure the safest possible loading and unloading of the children in the van.

Taking an extra moment to notice, not only, the vehicles but the surrounding activity can make the world of a difference.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and care.

Donations & thank yous:

Donations are always welcomed at Forest Grove!
Some items that are currently on our wish list include:
Mason jars
Mittens and scarfs
Sticks, pine cones and other natural items
Old Clothing (especially socks and underwear)

Dates to Remember

December 13th – Holiday Open House
December 20th – P.A Day
December 23rd to January 3rd – CLOSED for Christmas break