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Dear Families,
Since we have already (so boldly) announced that SUMMER CAMP IS BACKKKKKK!!!!!! it makes sense to explain registration and scheduling. All information regarding Forest Grove Arts and Science Camp is available online. Registration packages are also available for download should you want to make registering that much easier! If you have any additional questions please feel free to call us or send us a quick email. We'll be glad to help you out as soon as we can!


The Preschool class has been interested in the human body. As many interests often stem from a collaboration of students and teachers the discussion that sparked this interest was an interesting one…it was about… poop! Naturally the poops talk lead to questions about where poop comes from and how it's made. Soon after, the preschool class made a life sized drawing of our organs and how they work inside of our bodies. We have also talked about how germs impact our bodies, how food can change our health and how caring for an injury can require many steps. The preschool class was very excited when we made fake blood and learned how every person's blood could give others information on who we were.

As the JK class continues to grow we are exploring a variety of interests and combining them to bridge connections. We are currently combining the world of colour with transportation (think brightly colour Bugatti's and patterned Lamborghinis). The children are highly focused on trains and all of the functions of their parts. As we start to expand this interest we are introducing new 'things that go'. Letters, sight words and phonic sounds are a daily part of our routine as the students can now match words with the appropriate picture. We are looking forward to more transportation creations and expanding our words list and we become more confident with sights and sounds.

The SK class has spent a wonderful February celebrating many birthdays, discovering new words in different languages, and learning about dragons! Some of our science study has involved adaptations of lizards and habitats of caves, as well as possible contents of a dragon hoard. In math, "Bingo!" has been a new favourite and even includes variations with adding and double-digit numbers. We've been practising our alphabet with a new game called Tennis Ball-Free-For-All and some of us are writing our first words, sentences, and even books. Our dramatic play has involved New Year's traditions, learning to be kind, and engaging discussions about being scared. In art, we've been creating dragon masks, mountain sculptures, and magic potions. Our new practice of Checking In and Checking Out during circle, time has become a wonderful part of the day. We are now embarking on a study of the Earth, rocks, and minerals.

JK/SK Afternoon Program:
We started February with an interest in building cities. One of our projects was designing a house or a building and putting them all together to create an illustrated city. We built on that project by using recycled materials to construct a 3-D version of our city. As a carryover from last month, the students drew coyotes to hide in the city, just like the coyotes living in Oakville. We also practiced writing our names, addresses and phone numbers which assists in building a sense of identity and belonging.

Policy of the Month:


Forest Grove is able to administer medication in case of illness, asthma or severe allergic reaction. Any medication coming into the school must have parents' written permission on our Medication Form and a physician's prescription on the original container.

All medication is kept on premises in our designated lock box.

EPIPENS must remain in the waist pack and worn by the teacher directly in contact with the affected child. The child's class teacher is responsible for checking the expiry date and notifying parents for updated EPIPENS.

Failure to provide your child with an unexpired EPIPEN will result in refusal to accept the child into their regular program.

Donations & thank yous:

Donations are always welcomed at Forest Grove!

Some items that are currently on our wish list include:
White paper
Old/used clothing for 'accidents' that can happen
Baby food jars & Mason Jars

Dates to Remember

March 10th – Daylight Savings 'Spring Forward"
March 11th-15th – Spring Break
March 20th – First day of Spring
March 24th –Palm Sunday
March 26th – Passover
March 29th- Good Friday (CLOSED)
March 31st – Easter (CLOSED)