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February always seems to be bittersweet; often the most challenging of the 12 months to get through it also holds a certain excitement knowing that warmer days and spring surprises are just around the bend.

February welcomed Ms. Hiat to the Forest Grove team and with such an important addition we were delighted to extend our family and make it just a little bigger.

Be sure to stop by and say hello to Hiat as she is eager to get to know this spectacular community of friends and families.


It was difficult for the preschool class to say goodbye to our beloved sea creatures... so hard that half of the month was STILL spent ‘under the sea’. Rather than focus on all sea creatures we spent time discussing sharks. We discussed where sharks live, what they eat, their physical characteristics and predator status. As the interest in sharks began to dwindle the preschoolers expressed curiosity in what the older (and majorly cool) JK/SK class were up to and it turns out they were learning about fairy tales! Although we have only just scratched the surface of fairy tales the children have already expressed excitement in building a castle, making chainmail, organizing our own party and doing it all while wearing a crown. For literacy we have started printing our first AND last names! Emphasis on sounds and phonics has initiated concepts of reading and word families.

February was a lovely month for the JK/SK’s! Fairy tales and fantasy have been the focus for the class and we have loved every minute of it. In the science room we explored knight’s armour and how important it is to protect them, we also made shields with cardboard, colorful tinfoil and foam pieces. In Drama we pretended to be prince and princess’s, read fairy tales and played with the castle and felt board pieces. In Art we made magic wands, crowns and pictures of ourselves as royalty. For literacy we each made our own fairy tale sentence and a picture to go with it. We are becoming increasingly excited about the Olympics in Sochi, Russia and are looking forward to exploring the wonderful winter Olympic games.

JK/SK Afternoon Program:
For the month of February the afternoon Jk/Sk class has been knee deep in the world of castles. We made our own castle with a variety of cardboard pieces and drew many castle pictures. Our favourite activity was playing with our castle and adding people and animals to it. For science we talked about the different types of castles and how they were made and how long it took. We enjoyed writing castle words on a daily basis and even looked in books to find new words we didn't know. We explored the medieval world by making mosaics and we even made medieval gingerbread. We also discussed the Olympics and made a word list of everything to do with the winter games. The children created the rings and made Olympic torches. The children also made snowboards and sleds out of cardboard. Towards the end of February we moved our focus on outer space and will continue that into March.

Policy of the Month: Snow Day Policy and Cold Weather Policy

Dear families, please note that a change to your current Forest Grove schedule is considered to be a cancellation; this includes but is not limited to, removing days, temporary leave and withdrawal.

Under circumstances where scheduled days are changed and replaced with the same amount of alternate days no notice is required and all changes can be made based on availability.

Donations & thank yous:

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