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Dear Families,
Happy 2013 friends!

As our resolutions and hopes are in full swing it's a great time to welcome everyone back and give you a big ol' update on what's going on around here.

It was sad to see the holiday decorations get packed away and the winter chill begin to settle in but with the haze of a Canadian winter comes our true unbeatable spirit.

So, as we settle in for the last stretch of the gloomy and grey we're wishing you many snow angels, toasty evenings by the fire and a big cup of hot chocolate.

Oh... and although it may seem light years away it's probably a good time to announce that:

July 2nd – August 23th (8:00AM - 5:30PM)
more info to follow


The The Preschool class has been interested in bugs galore! We have been working hard to understand what characteristics separate one type of insect from another. The talented Ms. Katie joined us for a spectacular bug presentation where she shared some of her REAL bugs with us – we even got to hold them! Since returning from the holidays we've also been working hard to read and write our own names. Taking the time also focus on pencil grip and fine motor has been a huge help in the begging stages of printing. Some of our art and science projects include rock bugs, screw and bolt bugs, making bug food and bug binoculars.

January has been a month of change for the SK class. We're excited about being back at Forest Grove, but we also miss the JKs and Mr. James. We have been learning more about sight words, practising our alphabet by writing and playing Tennis Ball Free-for-All. Our stories have included tales about Anansi, as well as non-fiction books and videos about animals. Our reading about Chinese New Year has prompted a great interest in dragons! In math, we continue to look at bar graphs. We have also been very interested in measuring length and experimenting with slope by creating gondolas and sending messages with them. Our favourite art activities have involved water colour paint which we will continue to work with in February. Finally, we have been camping with Ms. Magda's tent and going on a picnic in the rainforest. We can put the tent together all by ourselves and even put it away again.

JK/SK Afternoon Program:
In January the JK/SK Afternoon class finished up their interest in Canadian Wildlife. We focused primarily on Coyotes, as well as other animals we've seen in Oakville such as squirrels, chipmunks, crows, and raccoons. We compared the sizes of different animals, their habitats and their family groups. We discovered that most coyotes are about the same size we are, and that, like us, they're omnivorous, eating fruits, nuts, and plants as well as other animals. We learned several new vocabulary words such as habitat, adaptability, species, pack, canine, and many more. We used our light table to trace different animal names like, Coyote, Wolf, Squirrel, Racoon and chipmunk. On our first walk of the New Year, we found a sign on the trail, and everyone was able to recognize the word "Coyotes" and we all sounded out the warnings together on what to do if you see a coyote. Using references from Library books and the internet, we learned what coyotes looked like, and how to draw them. We made coyote mobiles and dens, and even sculpted coyotes out of plasticine. We're currently putting up a wall of coyotes to commemorate our interest.

Policy of the Month: Snow Day Policy and Cold Weather Policy

Families and friends as the cold weather approaches please familiarize yourself with our snow day procedures. As usual, Forest Grove places the safety of our students and staff as the highest priority and will shut down in the event of extreme weather conditions. Reference your Parent handbook for details regarding the procedure so you can be prepared for our first snowfall.
Please utilize our social media outlets for up-to-date information on closures. For the earliest conformation of bus cancellations refer to www.haltonbus.ca

Cold Weather Policy

Halton Region Health Department issues EXTREME COLD WEATHER ALERTS when conditions are:

• -15 degrees Celsius (without the wind chill).

• Wind chill reaching the level at which Environment Canada issues a warning for outdoor activity (-35 degrees Celsius with wind chill)

• Extreme weather conditions, such a blizzard or ice storm

Only in the above cases, children have an "Inclement Weather" gross motor indoor program instead of their regular outdoor time, after lunch.

Donations & thank yous:

Donations are always welcomed at Forest Grove!

Some items that are currently on our wish list include:
White paper
Sticks and natural wood
Baby food jars & Mason Jars

A huge thank you to the amazing Andrea Dhas for being such a phenomenal support with BOTH laundry and Scholastic book orders. We appreciate you to bits Andrea!

Dates to Remember

February 1st – P.A day for all Halton region schools
February 2nd –Open House
February 14th – Valentine's Day
February 28th – Last day to receive tax receipts