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It's a new year… with new beginnings and new goals but before we look ahead the entire staff at Forest Grove would like to thank the wonderful parents and students for making our holiday season all the more merry with their Christmas spirit and generosity.

We look forward to future changes and hope that 2014 will bring us new bonds, bold friendships and bountiful beauty. Remember; the best is yet to come.

Cheers to 2014!


Under the sea is where the preschool class has been hanging out these days. The wonderful thing about diving into art projects that include plasticine seaweed, coral sticks, bubbles and a giant rainbow fish is that they transform the class into a deep sea hide away. This interest is by far the most exciting one we've had and it's beyond wonderful to watch the students get so excited to learn. In Science we labeled the body parts of several sea creatures, made fish food and sketched our classroom fish; Coco and Lou-Lou. In drama we pretended to go fishing – practicing catch and release of course! We've also learned some songs from The Little Mermaid and a dance where we 'shake our tails off'.

The interests in the JK/SK class have been heating up despite the cold temperatures outside. We have been learning about teeth and hygiene this month which was an interest sparked by one of our students after losing a tooth. We have made clay teeth in the art studio, sketched pictures of teeth and discussed why it is important to brush our teeth. In the science room we made our own toothpaste and wrote a sentence about it. Making salt dough shark teeth was one of our favourite activities for this interest. We had a dentist office in the drama room loft and made up our own puppet shows about going to the dentist. The class looks forward to our next interest which is fantasy and fairy tales.

JK/SK Afternoon Program:
For the month of January the JK/SK class have been working on a variety of projects based on emotions and how we recognize them in ourselves and others. We have been looking at pictures that show the changes in physicality when are working through an emotion or problem. We have gone as far as incorporating this interest in our art projects, particularly when we made our own puppet theatre to use when acting out emotions. We practiced writing different emotion words and created books to show a week of emotions. Towards the end of January we became interested in castles and fairy tales. This has lead us to make our very own castle! We will be continuing this in February with many more projects to come.

Policy of the Month: Snow Day Policy and Cold Weather Policy

This cold and flu season has been less than friendly to students and teachers alike so please review our general sickness policy in conjunction with our treat and return requirements.
Just as an overview please note that children cannot return to Forest Grove within a 24 hour period if they have vomited or had a documented fever.

Donations & thank yous:

Thank-you Andrea Dhas for always keeping us stocked with clean towels, painting shirts and tablecloths! You do a fantastic job.
The children also thank-you for the Scholastic orders which they use to buy their favorite books or to cut up and turn into a wish list collage J

Dates to Remember

February 14th – Valentine's Day
February 20th – CLOSED Family Day
February 24th – Last day to register for March Break Camp