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It's all starting to happen! The warm weather and 'puppy-scented' children are making their return and the tide has started to turn. Just like the impact of the first snowfall the first jacket-free day gets all us all tingly inside.

We also know that this turn in weather marks the beginning of the end. Final interviews are being arranged, classes begin to decorate with all things summer and we teachers hold our students just a few seconds longer because we know a painfully difficult good-bye is somewhere in the not too distant future. It's also a pretty good time to mention that we teachers don't mind a little extra love from all of you parents… so come on… give us a hug!


The preschool class fell in love with their feathered friends during the month of March. We explored birds of all shapes and sizes while learning about their habitats, life cycles and geographical locations. To observe birds we looked outside of our window in the Art studio so we could graph the different types of birds we saw. Seagulls, starlings, cardinals, robins and crows were among some of the birds that flew past. In drama we acted out the different ways birds care for their young from resting on eggs to feeding. Understanding flying and flight was a sometimes confusing concept to grasp but by making paper airplanes and watching them glide we began to understand the purpose and use of wings in a more visual way. The art studio housed all of our creations from birdhouses to baby foam chicks. Using feathers to paint and write our names was particularly fun since it took our traditional preschool goals and combined them with an exciting interest.

For the month of May the J.K class was exploring the animal kingdom around us including under the sea and the jungle. The children are really interested in animals so we looked at many different areas within our animal kingdom. We have also begun to delve into animal sounds and the letters they start with. We have come up with a huge list of the animals we know and love. The children are also getting really excited about Mother's Day! We look forward to seeing everyone for the Mother's Day celebration and we can't wait to share our animal stories


The SK class has been exploring flight and making hot air balloons. We learned about how weight works with sandbags and cutting the ribbons on our creations. Our math studies have included more bar graphs and now Venn Diagrams. Playing an electronic version of Battleship has allowed us to explore reading coordinates on a graph, as well as French letters and numbers. We have especially enjoyed counting practice while playing a Polish counting game with an elastic jump rope. Ms. Magda has been practising her storytelling and we have heard many folktales- stories from Norway about trolls have been a favourite. We continue to dance and make music videos and are also learning how to make a slide show on the Ipad. Our biggest success this month has been with our reading. We are all able to do some beginning reading, recognize sight words, and practice initial consonant sounds when trying to guess a word. We have new reading books and are tracking our progress. Everyone in the class is at a different level of early literacy and reading, but we share an enthusiasm for learning and a love of books.

JK/SK Afternoon Program:
April was movement month in Studio 5! Our interest got rolling with marble tracks. We used conventional snap-together tracks, built wooden slat tracks, and even constructed our own out of recycled materials. We expanded on the interest from there, exploring how things roll, using different sizes, weights, and types of balls and ramps. We discussed velocity, and slope. We even took a trip to the park to roll our own bodies down the hill, and got some larger balls moving in games of soccer, catch and volley ball.

Next came flight, and we learned how to fold paper air planes. We talked about lift and drag, and even gravity. Stuck inside because of the rain, we made a zip-line for our planes, and soon started sending down anything we could clip to it, including a lion, a car, and a lizard.

We finished up our interest with a class-wide project. Covering the floor in paper, we got into our play clothes, took spoonfuls of paint, and made art with our entire bodies! We studied how we could flick and throw the paint, and the patterns we could make with the movements of our bodies. It was an amazing experience. By the end of the day, everyone had joined in, and worked together.

Policy of the Month: PUNCTUALITY

Although this isn't exactly a policy it has its reasons for being mentioned in this category.

In the past, P.A Days have been registered in either a full day or half day program that allows students to have Forest Grove care when schools are not running.

Although P.A. Days are more flexible than a typical day punctuality still remains a priority and is a key component in how a program functions successfully.

Forest Grove must ALWAYS remain in the correct ratio of students to teachers and it's because of this that we can no longer accept children into the P.A Day program that do not show up on time. If, by chance, you cannot arrive for a 9:00am drop off than the next available drop-off time will be at 11:30am.

Up until now school age children have been joining a preschool program had they missed the morning outing and showed up late. Unfortunately, this has jeopardized the correct ratios as well as made for an uncomfortable morning for much older children being placed in a program with 2-3 year olds.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and hope that you can understand the purpose behind this decision.

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Dates to Remember

May 7th – National Teacher Day
May 20th – Victoria Day CLOSED
May 27th – Memorial Day