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Dear families and friends:
Please note that Summer Camp registration has begun and our programs are starting to fill. For the first time Forest Grove is offering full-day Summer Camp from ages 2.5 to 12! Please visit our Summer Camp page at, www.forestgrove.ca/summer-camp for more information on registration and program details.


Although March weather can be a bit confusing that wasn’t enough to stop our little guys from spotting the (few) signs of spring. To combat the elements we started planting and prepping our classroom for the change in season. We planted grass, flowers, spices and vegetables to bring the outside in and give us something to watch and graph over the next month. Since planting is the ultimate math activity we will use our greens to measure, weigh, classify, group and eventually document. For literacy we have written ‘recipes’ and labelled the different parts of a plant and why they are important. The students are beyond excited to watch the little sprouts poke up through the dirt and grow-up into bigger, stronger plants… this is something they feel connected to since they too are growing every day. Towards the end of the month there had been talk about a bunny, chocolate and coloured eggs I’m sure you can guess what we’ll be learning about next…

This month has brought one interest with many different ideas surrounding it. Our main interest was animals but from there we discussed all the different kinds of animals there are and specific traits that go with them. In science we made a cat poster after learning lots of facts about cats; we also started our paper mache for our pet store. In drama we had a pet store in the loft where we used pretend money to purchase cats, dogs, bears, bunnies…you name it we had it! In the art studio we finished our pet store by painting it, making plasticine pets and writing the name of each pet and how much it costs. For literacy we made our very own dog books and read many, many animal books! We are now extremely excited for our newest interest DINOSAURS!

JK/SK Afternoon Program:
For the month of March the jk/sk's have been hard at work exploring space and we also began our interest in springtime and birds. The classroom came alive with the solar system, we did this by creating the moon and the surface of Mars. We also talked about the different planets and how they affect each other. For our spring interest we discussed spring words and practiced writing them. We counted the planets and figured out which ones are the biggest and smallest. We brought in space costumes and pretended to be astronauts. We dyed sand red to pretend that it was the surface of Mars. Towards the end of March we spent more time talking about sprig and everything fun and colourful about it. We made flowers, birds’ nests and then we made salt dough birds to go in the nests.

Policy of the Month: Snow Day Policy and Cold Weather Policy

Forest Grove asks all parents to supply us with an extra change of clothing in the event that your child has an accident or their clothing becomes soiled. As the warm weather approaches we ask that you update their current change of clothes to be more seasonally appropriate.

All children will also require sun protection. Forest Grove understands that not all families are pro-sunscreen however, in the event that you are waiving the sunscreen application form we require you give us a written document stating the alternative method of sun protection that will be used.

Additional water and sunglasses are also a necessity.

Donations & thank yous:

Donations are always welcomed at Forest Grove!
Some items that are currently on our wish list include:
Old Socks
Mason Jars

Dates to Remember

April 1st – April Fool’s Day
April 18th – Good Friday CLOSED
April 21st – Easter Monday CLOSED