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Happy June! It didn't take long for the warm days to turn into sweltering ones. Now that the sun is shining please be sure to pack some summer essentials to make these sunny days as pleasant as possible.

Sun protection is necessary for your child to partake in any outdoor time. Glasses, hats, sunscreen (organic brands like Badger and Coola are seriously wonderful – give them a try!) or sun jackets will be mandatory.

All of the staff at Forest Grove is committed to keeping our students sun-stroke and sun-burn free so we are more than happy to apply sunscreen and give frequent reminders to children who will be going outdoors.

In saying that we also ask that you remind your children of the importance of sun protection and emphasize the consequence of having these summer essentials left at friends' houses, public schools or the back seat of the car 

Thank you in advance for your co-operation. Now let the sunny days commence!


Sound the sirens and ring the bells because the preschoolers were head over heels for firefighters during the month of May. It didn't matter if we were discussing the functions of a fire engine, ways to extinguish fire or the protective clothing that a firefighter needs to wear to battle a blaze- the preschoolers loved it ALL! This interest brought together the class as they formed a real team. Each student had a responsibility that they needed to carry out in order to be a successful fire squad. In art we made badges, helmets and a cereal box fire engine, in drama we put our teamwork to the test while saving animals, people and buildings from being damaged by fire. In science we learned about smoke, lungs and how fired begin. The preschools also received a very special visit from the Halton Region firefighters where they had the chance to ask questions and tour the fire engine – It was a total hit!

For the month of May the Jk class went from exploring the animal kingdom to focusing on our friends who live under the sea and the fun we have in the sun at the beach. We have enjoyed playing with sand both in the sand box and through art. We turned the sand box into the ocean floor by adding a bunch of underwater animals. We glued with sand to create our own ocean floors. We learned our letters through the use of sharks, whales, fish and other under the sea creatures. We talked about where the animals live and even made houses with blocks and different leaves. The children have loved reading under the sea books.


The SK class were busy learning about skeletons and the human body. We've put together a 100 piece puzzle (for ages 8+) of the human skeleton! We also found small branches that reminded us of the ribs, lungs and the spine. We continue to read one-on-one with the teacher. Now, we are also practicing sight words as a group. In math, we are looking at patterns, shapes and creative thinking while playing a new game called Qwirkle. In art, we are exploring technology on the iPad and comparing hand-made cards to virtual ones, Ms. Magda is very excited because next week we will have an up-close look at animal skulls.

JK/SK Afternoon Program:
May was medieval month in Studio 5. Inspired by an interest in armour, we embarked on a month-long study of knights, castles, warfare and weaponry. We learned about modern uses for armour, including sports equipment, law enforcement, and firefighting, as well as medieval history. In art we designed our own crests, drew castles, and explored ancient styles of writing using quill pens. In science, we studied different armour making materials, tested our strength and built our own medieval weapons, including catapults and siege towers. We learned the different parts of a castle, and labelled our block creations at the literacy center, and dressed up as knights, kings, and queens in the drama area. In French, we've been learning about days of the weeks, months of the year, and numbers up to 31, so that we can talk about the calendar, and review the date every day in circle.

Policy of the Month: EXTREME WEATHER

Forest Grove tries our very best to be as cautions as possible with sun safety and exposing students to extreme weather. In conjunction with being prepared for braving the elements we also follow all weather advisories issued for Oakville.

In the event that an advisory is issued such as a heat, humidity or smog advisory the students will remain indoors for all elective programs. Walks to and from local schools will commence and usual seeing as there is no alternative options.

We ask for your understanding and cooperation as we are mindful to all students and recognize those with underlining health issues and medical concerns that are particularly aggravated during the summer months.

Donations & thank yous:

Donations are always welcomed at Forest Grove!
Some items that are currently on our wish list include:
Baby food jars
Scrap paper
Socks (for sock puppets)
'Daddy Shirts' (a good alternative to painting smocks)

A great big thank you to the P 261 firefighters for giving us quite a wonderful show! The students truly enjoyed their time learning about your job and (of course!) the truck.

Dates to Remember

June 7th – P.A Day
June 29th – Early dismissal
June 29th – Last day of school