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Dear Families,
Welcome to the new and improved Forest Grove!
We’ve been under construction for the last little while but we’re back and stronger than ever. Our revamped newsletter format isn’t all that’s been updated; we’ve also leaped into social media. Please be sure to ‘Like’ us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and expect us on YouTube!

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The Preschool class has been interested in spiders. Since Halloween was lurking around the corner it was a natural gravitation towards creepy crawlers. From spider songs to sketching the preschool class was working towards their very own pet spider made from foam balls and pipe cleaners. The preschoolers also worked on greeting one another in French as well as letter recognition.

The JK/SK’s are studying nocturnal animals. From writing our own song about wolves, to creating a fabric mosaic bat with a 2 meter wingspan, we love learning about creatures that roam the night while we’re asleep. Owls and Halloween are also a big part of our classroom. Ask us to sing you our new spooky song.

JK/SK Afternoon Program:
October began with a shift in the student’s interest from September’s exploration of the forests and trails around Forest Grove, to the architectural side of our community. It started with a fort in the woods and culminated in the construction of our very own house. With Halloween fast approaching the house quickly became a ‘haunted house’, and our interest in the spooky holiday led to an exploration of spiders and their webs.

Policy of the Month: Snow Day Policy

Families and friends as the cold weather approaches please familiarize yourself with our snow day procedures. As usual, Forest Grove places the safety of our students and staff as the highest priority and will shut down in the event of extreme weather conditions. Reference your Parent handbook for details regarding the procedure so you can be prepared for our first snowfall.

Donations & thank yous:

Donations are always welcomed at Forest Grove!
Some items that are currently on our wish list include:

Wood working supplies
Small pieces of wood
Paper towel rolls
Baby food jars & Mason Jars
Educational toys and games

Dates to Remember

November 4th – Daylight Savings Time ends (fall back)
November 11th 2012 – Remembrance Day
November 13th – Diwali
November 23rd 2012 – Catholic and public school P.A day