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November is here and that only means one things to the staff at Forest Grove; let the Christmas projects commence!

Halloween was nothing but wonderful but in this neck of the woods Christmas and the holiday season is particularly loved… and not just by the students. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events and sign-up sheets as we hope to make this season the most festive and family oriented yet!


The preschool class took October by storm as they explored Halloween celebrations around the world and boogied to several classic Halloween songs such as, The Monster Mash, Thriller and Jump in the Line. Halloween brought about discussions on feeling scared and nervous and what indicators tell us that we are feeling that way. The class enjoyed all of the incredible art activities especially lacquering plasticine creations, tin can monster heads and marble spider webs. The Preschool class continued exploring Halloween for literacy and math where we counted jack-o-lanterns, weighed gourds, had a spooky word list and sorted 'candy treats'. As sad as we all are to say goodbye to this holiday we are totally ready for the next great adventure; Christmas!

October has been a wonderfully spooky month for the JK/SK's! We have wrapped up our Planet interest and have become very keen on bugs. In art we made our own Grouchy ladybug after reading the tale "The Grouchy Ladybug" by Eric Carle. In science we created our own bugs and decided what they liked to eat and where they should live. In Drama we had a haunted house in the loft where we could dress up in many different costumes such as lady bugs, butterflies and spiders. We created our own Halloween books and wrote spooky words for literacy. At the math table we counted bugs and matched them to the proper numbers as well as made patterns with bugs. For our Halloween celebration we made special boo-nana treats which where bananas with a chocolate chip face. The class is very excited to see what next month with bring.

JK/SK Afternoon Program:
For the month of October the afternoon JK/SK class focused on the characteristics of fall all the different varieties of leaves that began to fall from the trees. The class was also interested in Thanksgiving and Halloween so we created a variety of activities that focused on those holidays. To inspire brainstorming we read books about the season and holidays, this sparked their interest to discuss all the things we were thankful for. The class focused on making collages and class murals to decorate the classroom with our own art. We counted with fall objects and used those objects in science for our sink and float experiments that expanded into sensory activities. We have also been incorporating fall words into our literacy charts and practiced writing them. For Halloween we transformed our drama area into our own haunted house and made a variety of our own decorations including a cardboard house and tombstones.

Policy of the Month: MEDICATION POLICY

Forest Grove is able to administer medication in case of illness, asthma or severe allergic reaction. Any medication coming into the school must have parents' written permission on our Medication Form and a physician's prescription on the original container.

EPIPENS must remain in the waist pack and worn by the teacher directly in contact with the affected child. The child's class teacher is responsible for checking the expiry date and notifying parents for updated EPIPENS.

Failure to provide your child with an unexpired EPIPEN will result in refusal to accept the child into their regular program.

Donations & thank yous:

Donations are always welcomed at Forest Grove!
Some items that are currently on our wish list include:
Baby food jars
Old cutlery/silverware
Art Supplies
Old Clothing (especially socks and underwear)

Dates to Remember

November 3rd - Daylight Savings Time ends (Fall back!)
November 11th - Remembrance Day
Novembers 22nd - P.A Day for the Halton District School Board