Nutritious Lunch Program

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Forest Grove Preschool lunch program - OakvilleOur extensive health knowledge is passed on to the children during daily lunchtime discussions, where the table is beautifully decorated with a tablecloth, and all children have a designated place at the table. A different centrepiece is placed on the table every day, and it serves to set the atmosphere and emphasizes, as well as relates to, the topic of discussion. The use of props, books and other visual representations, are used to enhance the program and interest in the topic at hand.

Forest Grove teachers conduct food-related demonstrations and projects to inform and educate the students about healthy eating and managing a healthy lifestyle.

Food is provided by parents, and is inspected by teachers daily for possible allergens. The lunch program encourages children to discuss health and food-related topics. A follow-up activity or project is either started or expanded on. This is a key opportunity to work on documentation.

Parents are required to provide a packed lunch for their children.

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