Science Room

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Set up like a student-friendly laboratory, the Science Room is bursting with learning opportunities in each part of the room. The Science Room offers a wide range of laboratory experiments that include both teacher-directed demonstrations as well as independent student exploration. Although mathematics-oriented activities are included in all of our Studios, the Science Room offers a larger area for math that provides a wide range of activities.

At the Math Centre, students engage in anything from number recognition, to patterning, to graph interpretation in one area. The Discovery Centre gives students a chance to explore artifacts and promotes curiosity about the world. Meanwhile, the Recycling Centre helps children learn about different materials, conservation, and stewardship. The Plant Centre combines both care-taking and asking questions. It is here that students learn about biology, as they are responsible for plant care as well as documentation of growth and life cycles. Finally, the Computer Station proves educational games that promote numeracy, literacy and fine motor practice, as well as current Science videos.



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