Join our Young Explorer Camp for a summer of experiences in science, art and nature. Forest Grove guides children ages 3.8 to 12 while they explore the world around them and delve into our exciting weekly themes.

July 3rd – 6th: Building and Paper Art
July 9th – 13th: Space and The World Around Us
July 16th – 20th: Chemistry and Clay
July 23rd – 27th: Ecosystems and Recycle Art
July 30th – August 3rd: Mapping and Water Colour Creations
August 7th – 10th: Circuits and Jewellery Making
August 13th – 17th: Fear Factor and High Sensory Experiences
August 20th - 24th: Robotics and Cross-stitch

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Forest Gove is fortunate enough to be situated among some of the best trails and landscapes for our students to enjoy during camp outings. A healthy and balanced day includes 2.5 hours spent outside for hikes, forest walks, splash pad time and so much more! Students are supported in making new friendships during group games and daily challenges that encourages team building and relationships that extend far past summer camp.

Who? What? How? Together, students and teachers work to unlock some of the classic questions that bewilder us while exploring everything from robotics to space. While researching everyday occurrences students can begin to understand how the world around them works in not-so-mysterious ways.

Hands-on creativity with an emphasis on art is Forest Grove’s speciality! For almost 20 years Forest Grove’s art curriculum and signature Reggio Emilia style has set-us apart and garnered 2 decades worth of word-of-mouth clientele. Students will be given the materials and themes to execute their own vision as we place emphasis on the process not the product. Specialized lessons expose students to new techniques as they test the limit of their full artistic potential.

Special Events:

Splash Pads Visits • Pizza Day • Special Guests • Group Games • Face Paint • Take-home activities  …AND SO MUCH MORE!

To Register:

Completed Registration package
Payment for the weeks in attendance (cash or cheque)
Sun protection (sunscreen, hats, and glasses) labeled with your child’s name
A hardcopy of your child’s photo
Bring everything into Forest Grove!

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